Quality policy 

GROUP AROLA have implemented a QUALITY MANAGEMENT SYSTEMbased on the standard ISO 9001:2015 because we do understand that OUR REASON TO BE WHAT WE ARE TODAY IS DUE TO OUR CLIENT; therefore, our quality system allows us to:

  • Focus our activities and services on the customer.
  • Meet your expectations and  needs, as well as the applicable legal and regulatory requirements.
  • Getting client’s satisfaction is the way to approach them to us and get his loyalty and compromise.

Likewise, the system and process-based approach leads us to the:

  • Continuous improvement of the effectiveness of our activities and processes, through a goal planning.

For this purpose, we have:

  • Actions for monitoring and measurement that provide us data, which are analyzed for the extraction of conclusions that lead us towards improvement.
  • However, this would not be possible without the participation of the staff of GROUP AROLA so the system inevitably is also BASED AND ORIENTED TOWARDS THE SATISFACTION OF PERSONS.

-The values that distinguish the staff of GRUPO AROLA are THEIR professionality, THEIR ethics and THEIR commitment.

-ITS ability to be flexible and to increase their professional skills through internal training, CONTINUOUS LEARNING and experience.

Barcelona, 25th May 2018
Mr. Alejandro Arola García


Certificate of approval and certificate schedule: